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  • Dota 2 Roster Changes

    Dota 2 Roster Changes

    Hello everyone, this is Sno the new captain of our Dota 2 team. There hasn't been a lot of updates coming out from our Dota 2 team and that has been mainly due to some internal problems. However over the past month Sneaks and myself have been actively searching for players to complete a roster. Now after a month of searching we feel to have found a stable roster with players who are willing to put in the time to practice and participate in tournaments. Currently with our new roster we are sign...
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  • Week in Review Feb 10th - Feb 16th

    Week in Review Feb 10th - Feb 16th

    The reason why this is a slow week for us is because we had to drop GxSlim due to some dedication/commitment issues. We only expected to lose GxSlim and to pick up another player by the end of this week, but Volkano has also left us due to personal reason. So most of this week is working out our roster and finding the right fit for us, and our goal next week is to solidify our full roster, and become a stronger team than ever, so stay tuned for next week when we have our official roster. ...
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  • Weekly Recap Feb 3rd - Feb 9th

    Weekly Recap Feb 3rd - Feb 9th

    shyNee from the Dota 2 squad gives us a recap from last week on what the Dota 2 team has been up to in regards of League matchs such as CEVO and some tournaments that are presently going on. Read on below to get up to date on whats going on with the Dota 2 team and what is to come!

    Feb 4th and 6th We played in the Netolic RaidCall Americas Cup. We won our first two matches of the cup. Then on day 2; out of 54 teams we made it to top 16 before losing and being eliminated out of the ...
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  • In depth Item Comparison With Unfair

    In depth Item Comparison With Unfair

    I'm not sure if anyone but be really cares about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the game but for me it is very important to find out about stuff like "armor vs hp" thresholds, "damage vs AS" thresholds or simply how armor, hill miss chance and AS is calculated. That is why I made this. And if you are like me and want to know as much as possible to get the upper hand you are going to like this. So, therefor, I today took my time and made a spreadsheet of more or less all the stat incre...
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  • Meet the Dota Team

    Meet the Dota Team

    We are a team of 5 people ranging from ages 20-30. We all have played competitive games, from FPS’ to RTS’ to Sport games; any game that can be played competitively, one of us has probably played it. Our team was formed 5 months ago with the core members of shyNee, Sneaks, Sno and another player and a few weeks later we added Volkano to our roster. but we had to drop the other player due to commitment issues. After playing for awhile with ringers, and tryouts we finally settled on picking ...
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  • The Defense is Back with $20,000 + More!

    The Defense is Back with $20,000 + More!

    The Defense is back with new sponsors ROCCAT and Watch 24 invited professional teams and 8 teams from an open qualifier battle for a prize pool of $20,000. This ticket will entitle you to over 100 broadcasted matches by Toby "Tobi Wan Kenobi" Dawson as well as one exclusive courier.

    To get your ticket now just head here: We may be seeing a lot more of these extra prizes coming unique to tournaments as the Dota...
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  • Slark the Nightcrawler Ready to Maul!

    Slark the Nightcrawler Ready to Maul!

    Slark the Nightcrawler is a melee agility hero with extremely high mobility and damage potential, capable of stealing stats on auto-attacks to boost his own damage while remaining unseen even while attacking. Enjoy mauling your enemies and then disappearing in a cloud of smoke, all while cackling like a deranged magician. Here is some lore behind Slark and what he's all about. Little known to the inhabitants of the dry world, Dark Reef is a sunken prison where the worst of the sea-bred a...
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  • DOTA 2 The International Live!

    DOTA 2 The International Live!

    Watch live video from dota2ti on
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  • Timebreaker’s Model Being Replaced due to AION

    Timebreaker’s Model Being Replaced due to AION

    An item in DOTA 2 is being re-done due to some legal copyright issues. The ‘Timebreaker’ weapon submission for Faceless Void mirrored the design of a weapon found in the MMO ‘Aion.’. What does this mean for all those who bought the weapon? DOTA 2 crew will be putting together a new design for the Timebreaker’s model for everyone! So check out the new model at the store! Read on for the full quote below!

    Last week the Dota 2 community alerted us to the fact that the ‘Timebreaker’...
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  • Valve and Blizzard Reach DotA Trademark Agreement

    Valve and Blizzard Reach DotA Trademark Agreement

    The ongoing battle between Blizzard and Valve over the DotA trademark. This was finally resolved recently with an agreement that allows Valve to use the DotA trademark commercially and Blizzard to use the trademark only for noncommercial use. This means that they could no longer use the name Blizzard DotA and have now renamed the game to Blizzard All-Stars. In a press release, Rob Pardo said that the new name "better reflects the design of our game" and that Blizzard will go into more detail...
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  • Compendium Progress -- 7.5M in 10/90 Days!
    by Ari
    The International prize pool is already halfway to the 15 million dollar mark in just 10 days, with 90 days to go. They're still working on building the second set of Immortal items, but they’re not quite ready yet. The most important aspect of these Immortals is their quality level, so they're also planning on spending some extra time polishing them rather than releasing them quickly.
    You’ll still see an update to the Compendium this week though. Included in that update you’ll...
    05-11-2015, 06:06 PM
  • Update - February 18th 2015
    by Ari

    February 18, 2015 - Valve

    Year Beast Brawl:

    -The active abilities can now be used independent of the Year Beast being alive.
    -Added on-hover tooltips for the active abilities in the Year Beast panel.
    -Added two new active abilities: Tower Flak Cannon, and Glyph
    --Tower Flak Cannon - 250 Ability Points
    For 10 seconds, friendly towers will attack all enemy units within 1000 range each time they attack.
    60 second cooldown.
    02-18-2015, 07:48 PM
  • Alliance Shakes up its Roster, S4 & EGM gone!
    by Ari

    Alliance says it's time for a couple of changes, and today they say goodbye to Gustav "S4" Magnusson and Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist. Will Alliance be the same? Will they become better? Who do they replace with? It should be interesting next tournament to see how they do!

    "In February of 2013, just a few months removed from taking first place at DreamHack Winter, a team by the name of No TideHunter made a controversial roster change. The team's four Swedish players had...
    09-04-2014, 03:18 AM
  • Dota 2: Patch 6.79
    by ArmorMangus

    Recently on the Dota 2 test client and as of October 21 on the main client, Dota 2 officially has been brought patch version 6.79. This patch also marks the first time Dota 2 is patched with such a large update than DotA, the last being 6.78. Now what does this patch do, well it changes a lot from heroes to items.

    (change log of the first test client instance, and is quite long to read): Real quick some personal thoughts on...
    10-21-2013, 08:23 PM
  • Welcoming Epizootic and his DOTA 2 team to Lzuruha Gaming!
    by Abschatten
    After being contacted by Epizootic and his team I personally decided to give them a good look over to see what they were about and what their goals were in the long run, after getting to talk to them for forty minutes we decided to go ahead and play a match of DOTA 2 together just for the giggles. Sixty minutes later come to find out not only are they a fun group of people they are also some pretty good players, They are definitely a team with a lot of potential. They have been a team now for on...
    09-13-2013, 06:28 PM
  • The Newest Chinese Line-up: Team DK
    by ArmorMangus
    Officially stated not long ago the newest roster for the Chinese team, Team DK. The team now host some of the best Eastern players known as veterans or for their overall play and experience in the scene.

    The new roster consists of old players and new players who left older teams.
    • BurNing - Remaining Team DK member as of Ti3
    • Mushi - Ex-player of Orange Esports
    • iceiceice - Ex-player of Team Zenith
    • Dai - Remaining Team DK member as of Ti3
    • Lanm - Ex-Rattlesnake play
    09-09-2013, 05:21 PM